This obliges the owner, accepting the conditions below.

1) -Any reservation tight after the payment of a deposit;
Please cancel the deposit is lost if the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the scheduled date and the balance of the stay will remain due (Article 1134 of the Civil Code), otherwise a credit will be realized which will be deducted On a next Pension. In case of recovery before the scheduled date, the days will remain due, except the pension is informed 15 days before the term. In the case of an extension of the stay (not notified 7 days before), the daily rate will be doubled.

2) – Prevent the pension of the schedules of entrance and exit of the dog / cat. Any day begun is due. (The 24hours)
During school holidays, a package of minimum 7 days will be charged.

3) -For any entry or exit outside opening hours, a supplement of 25 €. T.T.C. SERA Billed.

4) – We can not accept bitches / pussies in heat. Thank you for your understanding.

5) – Please leave us the following items: dog / cat health book and dog collar. If possible, a pest control treatment should be carried out prior to entry.

6) – The dog must be vaccinated for more than 15 days and less than one year against the following diseases: square, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, kennel cough (PNEUMODOG).

We must have in our possession his vaccination record. TATTOO OR IDENTIFICATION CHIP ARE COMPULSORY. Any visit to the veterinarian will be charged 40 €. The cat must be vaccinated against typhus, coryza and leucosis.

7) – You agree to communicate to us in the contract the risks that your dogs / cats may present in any type of domain, in particular characteristic and physiological.

8) – The pension will not provide grooming for dogs / cats.

9) – In the event of illness, the person in charge of the kennel will take care of the animal but decline any responsibility in the event of death. Supplements may be billed to the owner of the animal (care resulting from illness, injury or accident, visiting bite, medicines, specific food, travel, etc …) WHICH ARE NOT COVERED BY OUR CIVIL LIABILITY CONTRACT.

10) – The dog / cat is considered abandoned by its master: (A) – if he has not been recovered from the pension 15 days after the date of departure provided for in the contract (B) – if an invoice is not paid 8 days after its submission In the case of abandonment of the animal, the pension may then dispose of it freely.

11) – The amount of the pension must be paid in full on the day of departure of the animal. Otherwise, it is agreed that the establishment would exercise its right of retention vis-à-vis the animal until final payment.

12) – For any dispute the competent court will be that on which the registered office of the pension depends.