On-demand services

trace_chien Kennel for rodents

Your little pets will be welcome inside an heated chalet.
We ask you to simply bring his regular  food and litter.

trace_chien DOG WALK

I, Alain, dog walker in the Geneva area (approved by the cantonal veterinary SCAV) and with over 20 years experience in looking after animals, organises forest fun for your dog.
I can pick your pet up in the morning and bring him back home in the afternoon.
More informations 

trace_chien A typical forest fun day:

Your pet will run freely in over 10 000 m2 of fully secured forest land.
In groups or alone, he can play ball games, run through an obstacle course and there will be plenty of treats and petting.

trace_chien Pets feed

For over 20 years dedicated to your service, we selected ranges of very high quality food & digestibility.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

trace_chien Garde à domicile

Our educators and specialized staff will support your pet at home. It will be pampered in its new home.
Daily cost: € 49